Types of Solar System

1. On-Grid Roof-Top Systems

It is a solar power system which is connected to the utility grid. These are mostly used in utility scale projects to supply electricity to the grid/DISCOM at pre-determined tariffs and are most suitable for areas where there are no or less power cuts and the customer pays high electricity tariffs. They can be easily synchronized with Diesel gensets to reduce the overall cost of electricity/unit and also allows system to avoid storage (batteries), which has a huge cost. It is specially helpful in case of insufficient solar power, as it switches to the grid for non-stop power supply.

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2. Off-Grid Solar power Systems

These are not connected to the power grid . The energy produced is stored in batteries. They are suitable for areas that face frequent power cuts as it lets you save extra solar energy in batteries for use during power cuts. These type of Solar Power Solutions are also suitable for homes or facilities that do not have access to grid. A battery bank is set up which stores excess energy and can be used later when required. Here cost saving is not an advantage in such system because batteries have regular maintenance and recurring costs.

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