Online UPS systems are used in mission critical applications such as for medical equipments – MRI / CT Scan etc, for large networks and for industrial applications such as CNC machines. 

1kVA or higher, Single-Phase UPS

In the Delta UPS product line, the Amplon family are single phase UPS systems for power rating requirements above 1kVA that support medium to small network devices, security and surveillance systems and POS systems. The word Amplon (Ample + on), represents ample stability, which describes this UPS system – it maximizes space and economic benefits. Amplon systems are the perfect power management solution for small to medium enterprises, such as financial institutes, government departments and medical centers, and offer the power protection solution with the highest space and cost benefits.

HI-TECH N Series, Single Phase, 1/2/3 kVA

High-performance power protection with greater energy savings

The Amplon N series is a true online double-conversion UPS that can provide your critical equipment with reliable, stable sine wave power. It features significant advantages, including an output power factor of 0.9 and up to 93% AC-AC efficiency for greater energy savings. The Amplon N series provides a safe power supply guaranteed for mission critical applications such as work stations, POS, ATMs, medical equipment, and more.

 Applications: Server Network Security Medical POS Banking

R Series, Single Phase, 1/2/3 kVA

The Amplon R series is a true on-line, double-conversion UPS that protects devices from potential power problems such as spikes, surges and brownouts. It is available in either a rack or tower configuration and is recommended for servers, VoIP, telecommunications and networking. 

The Amplon R series is designed for long backup time applications with the addition of a customized battery source. 

The inbuilt high level charger shortens the recharging period and increases availability.

 Applications: Server Telecom Industrial Network VolP Storage Medical

RT Series, Single Phase, 5/6/10 kVA

The Amplon RT series delivers double-conversion on-line technology, high power density and input power factor, and low current harmonics with its advanced architecture. Designed in a rack or tower configuration with an LCD display, Amplon RT offers advanced performance for servers, data centers, networking, VoIP and telecommunications. 

The Amplon RT has 1+1 parallel redundancy function to provide higher reliability. Optional external battery pack can be added to fulfill longer backup time for mission critical applications.

 EH Series, Three Phase In - Single Phase Out, 10/15/20 kVA

The Ultron EH series is an online double-conversion 3p-1p UPS which provides reliable power protection for IT rooms, SMBs, telecommunications, banking, medical facilities and industry. Supported with DSP based technology, it offers rapid computation capabilities that enhance system stability and provide precise v-oltage to load. The Ultron EH series offers many superior features including N+X parallel redundancy and a built-in manual bypass switch to guarantee higher availability and reliability for protecting your critical loads.

NT Series, Three Phase, 20-4000 kVA

The Ultron NT series is a three phase UPS featuring customized I/P-O/P ratings for various applications. With N+X parallel redundancy or expansion, it guarantees high availability and reliability for your critical loads. 

The Ultron NT series offers continued seamless protection for your business even under 100% unbalanced loading conditions. Its economy mode improves efficiency by 4% to 7% and saves operating cost.


N Series UPS 1KVA to 3KVA

Input power factor correction up to unity

Battery start function & auto restart

Wide input voltage range

Extended backup time model available

Full time lighting & surge protection

Extended battery pack available


NT Series UPS 20KVA to 400KVA

Parallel Expansion up to 8 Units
( No Extra card needed) Hot- Standby

Redundant function
Built in SRAM up to 500 Historical

Records and Event Log

Built  in Remote & Local EPO

( Emergency Power Off) Switch

Manual & Schedule Battery

Test Function Management Software

J & H Series UPS 7KVA to 30KVA

Microprocessor controlled

High frequency PWM technology

Input power factor correction

High AC TO AC frequency

Alarm & Indication


NH Series UPS 20KVA to 160KVA

Hi Tech patented 3 phase PFC technology with parallel control

Fully DSP control high frequency PWM with IGBT at both front & back end

High input power factor & low harmonic distortion

Load bus synchronization & MODBUS compatible