Features & Benefits

State-Of-Art Technology DSC based system
Highly Reliable, Rugged Construction & Compact Design
Wide input voltage and frequency range against harsh utility environment
High efficiency performances: lower cost of ownership
High over load handling capacity
Built in high capacity battery charger
Intelligent charger design to prolong battery lifetime
Starts automatically, no user action required
Synchronized changeover
User-friendly LCD Screen
Eco-friendly, no fumes, no noise, no pollution

Increased power shortage and shutdown has made lift Inverters an essential factor at every place including offices, multi storied building, manufacturing plants, shopping malls and so on. Hi-tech Group based at Jalgaon, India offers highly reliable lift Inverters ensuring emergency rescue device for lifts usage in spite of electricity failure. The system always remains alert to sense power failure and starts automatically without requiring a manual start. Hi-tech Group a leading lift inverter suppliers in India has user friendly, compact in size and can be tailor made to suit particular sites.
Hi-tech lift UPS India has high capacity power generation systems that are capable of running lift/elevators, 3 phase operated critical CNC machines and many more 3 phase high power applications. When the electricity is available the Lift is directly connected to main power and only a small portion of the main supply is used for charging the storage batteries. In the event of an electricity failure the lift inverter automatically senses power failure and generates AC power from the batteries. This is carried out within few seconds ensuring that the lift remains without power for a few seconds only. Once the main supply is resumed, the lift is switched over to it. This cycle continues again during the next power failure. The battery bank has the capacity to stand up to 8 to 10 Hours. The common lighting load such as staircase, parking can also be connected to the system
Hi-tech lift inverter in India is 100% eco friendly and completely pollution free as they do not emit harmful smoke or gas that affect the environment. Hi-tech Lift UPS in India is highly reliable, do not generate noise and can be custom created as per the rules and regulations, making it a preferred backup product. Many other names like emergency rescue device are products that do the same function only to stop the elevator at immediate next floor and opening the doors. This is also a major requirement in many part of India, UAE and other African countries.
Rating: 6KVA to 60KVA
The main features of HI-TECH lift UPS India are
• Microcontroller based design
• Has PFC battery charger to save electricity up to 50%
• Has more than 85% of inverter efficiency
• Has less maintenance and eco friendly as pollution free
• Different models available in single phase and three phase
• Has alarms for easy identification and LCD display for all parameters
• It has a single card controlled system
• IGBT based design with the complete automatic changeover.
• Passenger lifts.
• Elevators & Escalators.
• Treadmills used in gym.
• Medical applications.
• CNC machines.
• Robotic arms